What is Boiler Repair?

Essentially, a boiler is equipment; from time to time, it needs repairing like any other equipment. However, the good news is that a boiler is a complex machine, and due to its design, it is highly durable and often requires little maintenance. Despite all this, people have sought boiler repairs in Glasgow, and you might need it too, so it’s best to know all about it.

Boiler issues can be categorised, so if you look at them, you may be able to figure out the problem if your boiler is showing symptoms. Since it is always best to be prepared to be able to take preventative routes, find out about some of the main issues that occur with boilers.


Regarding hot water boilers, kettling is often a recurring issue. The reason it’s called is due to the familiar sound it makes that one may recognize from the sound of an actual kettle. It is usually a loud banging or rumbling from the eating unit. So, if you start hearing sounds from your heat boilers, it’s time to look for boiler repairs in Glasgow.

It is best to deal with kettling as soon as possible before it becomes a much bigger problem. Usually, the disruptions are a result of the accumulation of minerals in the water supply. Hard water usually has the problem of excessive mineral deposits. A boiler that is kettling may most likely suffer from dangerous levels of mineral deposits that put your property and well-being at stake.

Leaking and Dripping

Another common boiler issue that often requires repairs is when it starts to leak. If the leak is coming straight from the boiler, then the issue is much more concerning because it means the boiler is rusting through and will require replacement. If the leak comes from a pressure relief valve or a pump, it can be easily repaired. Sometimes, the leak may also be due to condensation.

Pilot Light Assistance

In many old models of boilers, the pilot light used to remain open at all times to indicate that the heat is perpetually on. However, in the new model, the electric ignition is only on if heat is needed to warm the water. Keeping this in mind, many people cannot independently switch on the pilot light and require technicians’ assistance.

Heat No Coming

Boiler repairs are also needed when heat is not coming from a boiler, and there’s no way to figure out the issue. There could be several problems linked to this issue; maybe it’s the ignition, perhaps the pump is broken, or maybe the safety switch is turned on, which is stopping the boiler from staying on and providing heat.

If one faces any of the said issues with their boiler, their best bet is to get a qualified technician to do the boiler repairs. Moreover, it is also advisable to regularly maintain your boiler to avoid any significant issues.

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