What are Electric Boilers?

An electric is akin to a regular boiler, except it uses electricity instead of combusting fossil fuels such as gas or oil boilers. These kinds of boilers come in many variations, such as Electric Combination boilers, flow boilers, system boilers, etc.

The best thing about electric boilers is that they are immensely efficient and do the job well. So, if you’re paying for 1 Kilowatt of electricity, you will obtain 1 kilowatt of heat. However, there is a prevailing misconception that electric boilers are the same as electric water boilers, which is far from the truth. The latter is a kitchen appliance used for boiling water. Meanwhile, an electric boiler is an apparatus to keep your house cozy and comfortable.

How does an Electric Boiler Work?

Electric boilers operate on simple mechanics. Water is passed through a chamber within the device, then heated by electricity. The heating components within the boiler are devised to maximise the surface area.

Once the water is heated thoroughly, it passes through the system placed strategically in your home and keeps it warm to the temperature of your desire.

What are the advantages of an Electric Boiler?

Getting an Electric boiler can make your life much easier. Curious to find out more about this ordeal? Keep reading to find out the benefits of using electric boilers in Glasgow:

Maintenance Cost is Affordable

Electric boilers have zero moving parts, unlike other boilers. This design tweak means fewer breakdowns in these kinds of boilers. However, when it comes to heating systems, especially wood pellets, biomass, and other combustion boilers, the pipes wither down now and then and need replacement frequently over a period.

Standard Installations

When it comes to boiler installation, electric boilers are much easier than other boilers. This is mainly because there is no need for a flue, as no combustion is expected to happen within the boiler. So, electric boilers can be installed anywhere in your home.

Environmentally Safe

Electric boilers in Glasgow are safe for the planet as they leave far less carbon footprint than combustion boilers.

Less Hazardous

Electric boilers are generally much safer than other combustion boilers. This is because these boilers run without combustible fuel, so the risk of gas leaks and explosions is far less.

Affordable Installation Cost

Due to the easy installation and lesser prerequisites to meet, the installation cost of electric boilers is less compared to other kinds of boilers.

What is the Estimate Cost of Running an Electric Boiler?

The cost of an electric boiler running in each home varies according to how much it is being used and other external factors such as windows, insulation levels, electricity tariff, etc. The truth is that electricity is more expensive than gas, which automatically means the running of eclectic boilers will be higher. However, they are more efficient because you will get actual heat per unit of fuel. Plus, the risk of leakage is far less than with a gas boiler, so you won’t have to spend much on regular maintenance as well.

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